Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee


Graeme Smith


With a background in physics, Graeme has held a number of positions within the petrochemical industry, working abroad and domestically within the UK. Graeme has handled multi-million dollar operations, delivered speeches at petrochemical conferences, and successfully managed myriad drilling teams. As a proven project manager, Graeme is highly valued. 

Mary miller

Accreditation Reviewer

Mary’s specialist subject is English but she also has fairly extensive experience in administrative roles both in and out of education. Highly educated, Mary has a joint honours degree in history and English literature, a master’s in applied linguistics, and high school teaching certification. She believes that education has the power to change the world and is passionate about her role.

kate Williams

Accreditation secretary & chief of development

Kate is a fully qualified and registered English literature teacher with a postgraduate diploma in English, extensive teaching experience globally, and a passion for education. Having also undertaken a number of administrative roles before moving into teaching, Kate is well-matched for her leadership role within the committee. Her global teaching experience within multiple disciplines makes her an asset.

Dave Kim

Web Development & IT

Mainly based in the US, Dave has a master’s in programming and has worked extensively in design for many private institutions in California and Nevada. 

Erica Park

Accreditation REVIEWER

Erica’s PhD art studies have cemented her love for art and broadened her horizons in terms of how she views art as therapy. Her background includes voluntary and paid work within museums in Europe and teaching art to children. 

Amy SMith

Accreditation REVIEWER

After gaining a tertiary education in medical science (funded by the US Navy), Amy moved on to focus her efforts on research. Later, she became a high school educator enlightening other young minds in biology and chemistry.


Accreditation REVIEWER

Mark is an educator with a background in English but he has also spent a number of years performing administrative duties. He left the UK a long time ago and no longer considers it home, preferring expat life and spending his time planning, grading, and reading up on pedagogy.


Accreditation volunteER

Barely our youngest member, James graduated with a master’s in computer programming and currently works as a freelancer. His extensive business knowledge and experience designing courses gives him an edge when it comes to reviewing training courses.

JANE Brown

Accreditation volunteER

A fully qualified teacher specializing in English and Geography, Jane also has experience in administration. After completing her undergraduate studies, she completed her teaching license, before working abroad extensively, calling Europe home for many years. 

Saebom Park

Accreditation volunteER

With years of high school and university teaching experience in numerous countries abroad, including Mongolia and Korea, Saebom specializes in English Literature and English as a foreign language. She has also undertaken a number of administrative roles for private institutions, making her a potential for future administrative duties.

Neil Smith

Accreditation volunteER

Neil has a strong background in economics and geography, having worked as both a private consultant and teacher for a number of years. Neil’s CELTA certification also enables him to help with future peer review of TEFL training courses.