Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee

Code of Conduct

Ethical Conduct Requirements

High standards of honesty, integrity and impartiality are essential for all OTCAC accreditors, peer reviewers, and other staff. OTCAC course accreditors and peer reviewers must agree to the evaluators’ code of conduct before partaking in any form of review work for OTCAC.

All accrediting committee members, external evaluators, administrative staff, volunteers, or any other type of employee working with OTCAC must:

  • agree to abide by OTCAC’s conflict of interest policy (signed annually); and
  • complete OTCAC’s disclosure form with a signature per evaluated course.
    Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Conflict of Interest

Annually, each member of staff directly involved with accrediting courses for OTCAC is required to review a copy of the OTCAC conflict of interest policy and sign it. OTCAC staff must disclose any interests, relationships, circumstances, or details that may affect their objectivity and ability to accredit a course impartially. Any staff deemed to have a connection of such kind will not be invited to take any part in the accreditation process of a given course. Should a conflict of interest be discovered or disclosed following a course provider gaining accreditation (or failing to meet the standards for accreditation), a full panel review will be necessary to recommend a course of appropriate action.


OTCAC staff involved in the accreditation process of a given course are further required each year to review, sign, and agree to abide by OTCAC’s accreditors’ code of conduct for Evaluators.