Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee

Student FAQs

It means that the course has met the strict standards set by our committee of subject-specific experts. We use a peer-reviewed process to ensure objectivity at all times. We assure you that only courses teaching to a high calibre receive our accreditation.

Unlike other online education and training course accreditors, we do not just issue accreditation to a company that pays us regardless of their course standard. We are a professional team consisting of industry experts who maintain objective standards at all times. A course will not receive accreditation until it meets our stringent requirements.

We are not a governmental agency. Our staff are not full-time consultants. They are private consultants who perform accreditation duties based on demand. Our consultants hold regular teaching or other professional positions and may perform other miscellaneous education consultancy work outwith OTCAC. This is the whole point of OTCAC – we know exactly what material online courses should provide students and we accredit those that meet our objective standards.

As industry experts, our consultants represent a wide knowledge-base. All consultants are tertiary-level educated to at least postgraduate diploma level, commonly holding master’s degrees and even PhDs in the subject-area they are responsible for accrediting. Additionally, OTCAC consultants are required to have extensive experience teaching or actively training others in the discipline related to the online course(s) they are responsible for accrediting. Our committee works on a part-time basis, meeting when necessary based on demand.

Our accreditation system is strict but fair, meaning our standards can be trusted as a high benchmark. This allows students to feel secure in the knowledge that if a course has been OTCAC approved, it offers a high standard of education or training. We allow everyone open access to the objective rubrics on which we base our assessments. 

Our standards are strict but they are transparent, meaning everyone has access to exactly what criteria a course must meet in order to attain accreditation. If any course fails to meet these standards on the first attempt then we provide the necessary feedback to help an institution meet our standards.

Upon gaining full accreditation, course-providers receive an electronic certificate and full resolution logo with certificate number to display on their website, if they wish to do so. We advise institutions to display the approval number alongside the OTCAC logo. Membership is granted for a full year and then requires annual membership fees with online stealth inspection to ensure that courses still meet our strict standards. 

Would you like your courses accredited?

Contact us with a summary of what courses you offer your clients and provide as much detail as possible about your course content. One of our consultants will respond shortly thereafter to start the accreditation process.