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The Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee (OTCAC) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 2019. We act as an independent accreditor of distance education courses. The type of courses we are able to accredit depends on the specific skills and experience of our voluntary and administrative accreditation staff. Generally, OTCAC has been able to provide accreditation for courses teaching content on regular curricular subjects at high-school level and below, along with instructional courses for continuing education like EFL pedagogy. Our accreditation committee and review staff commonly have experience teaching and performing administrative duties within a wide range of global educational systems such as the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge, for example. Our policy is to decline accreditation requests for courses in disciplines that our staff are not knowledgeable or experienced enough to review to our high standards. We welcome applications from all regions of the world but are usually unable to accredit online courses that include content not displayed in English. Our site is designed to assist not only our clients but also students, employers, and potential course accreditors with a passion for education and belief in fair access to an objective review system for all.



To start off the accreditation process, contact us with information about your online course. We accredit only online education courses.


We visit your online site to ensure that your site is transparent and provides your students with a course outline before they pay.


We then contact you with our detailed list of standards. Once confident your course meets our criteria, you make the accreditation payment.


Our expert consultants then examine your course content, checking it against our standards list to ensure it meets our rigid standards.


You will be provided with course feedback within the stipulated timeframe. This will confirm your success or highlight edits required to gain accreditation.


Upon meeting all of our standards, you will receive an online logo to display on your website and a live link to your certificate of accreditation.