Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee

Accreditation Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation

Prior to the Accrediting Committee officially accepting an institution’s initial application for accreditation, the institution must demonstrate it fully meets OTCAC’s eligibility criteria.
In brief, the criteria can be summarised as follows:

  • Any courses an institution seeks to accredit is distance-learning education or training.
  • The institution must offer students clear pricing and follow a refund policy reflecting the laws of where its company office or sole owner is based.
  • The institution must provide students with clear learning objectives and a roadmap of learning for the course(s) seeking accreditation.
  • There is evidence via financial statements or a director’s affidavit that the institution is financially sound.
  • The name being used by the institution is free from any association with any activity that could damage the reputation of OTCAC.
  • The institution’s owners and administrators¬†demonstrate a record of integrity and sound ethical conduct.
  • The institution agrees to disclose all course material to OTCAC accreditors for a complete review.