Online Teaching Course Accreditation Committee

Opportunities for Accreditation Staff


Though we try to limit our staff base for consistency of service, we do seek expert educators and industry experts in more mainstream disciplines to assist with our expanding accreditation load. In the future, we hope to expand the scope of our accreditation service so that we can offer accreditation to both online and offline courses, and those beyond regular high school subjects and instructing on pedagogical theory.

Applicants should only apply if they have a real passion for education and fairness. OTCAC exists to give course-providing institutions the opportunity to prove to students that their courses have met and exceeded rigorous benchmarks. Many accreditors over-charge for this service, thus presenting institutions with a financial quandary that may force them to forego accreditation and drop their standards. Ideal course reviewers with an interest in working for OTCAC value the rights of students and acknowledge the need for accreditation to give those students reassurance that they are receiving what they are paying for from course providers. While accrediting reviewers usually start out as volunteers, there is potential for paid consultancy work with OTCAC when new institutions require accreditation.

Those with experience, skills, and passion should email us at with the subject line ‘Accreditation inquiry‘ with your cover letter about what unique skills you could bring to OTCAC.